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Now what's she on about?

(Enter at your own risk.)

29 June 1957
I am a tall white woman of average build. I have been in a polyamorous family for a long time. I have one child, my dear son. I was in my 40th year when he was born. I was meant to be a mom, and I was meant to garden. Neither of these things were apparent when I moved here nearly three decades ago (from Montana). I was also meant to be poly, but I did suspect that. :-) I am MT2FL on OK Cupid.

Being albino means that gardening is the stupidest hobby I could have. Well, maybe not. Anything on open water here would be worse. It also means that my eyesight is not great. Any time you see an albino in a movie, who is driving and shooting as if he could see, that's a LIE. We're not bad guys. ;-) And, we can't see well or much at all, depending on what type of albino we are. I lucked out and got the least vision-affecting type. Still can't drive. Well, I could. But it would be a bad idea.

I intend to try shooting though, in a shooting range. Just to see if I can hit anything I'm supposed to.